Some things will look different than pre covid so here is an outline of what to expect on your next visit with Sophia at Retreat:
We can only take clients by appointment, no walk ins permitted for services or retail. This website has links to all the hair ' Products I Recommend' by Cult + King and Hairstory for purchase online.
All Stylists will be monitoring their own temperature and will also take every client's temperature upon first entering Retreat. We will have to cancel the visit if anyone has a temp over 100 degrees. No cancellation fees will apply. If your temp is normal you will then be asked to sign the Covid consent form, after which we will wash our hands and begin the service.
If you are feeling ill with anything, or you are showing any symptoms please cancel your appointment, We commit to do the same and no fees will apply. Likewise if you have travelled  in the past 14 days we will not be able to offer you services until you have been home two weeks without symptoms.
The waiting area is no more, we ask that you wait in your car or out front until your appointment start time. The stylist will meet you at the door after they have sterilized the station from the previous service. The service appointments are now longer to accommodate this cleaning process.
We can only accept clients who are wearing masks, if you don't have one let us know in advance so we can bring a disposable mask out to you. please wear over the ear masks so we can fully reach all of your hair. Don't wear your favorite mask as it could get color stained. 
Solo visits: the salon can only accommodate one client per stylist on the premises. So sadly you can't bring anyone with you (except service animals) to your appointment. If you have other family members getting their hair done they will be asked to wait outside of the salon until their appointment start time.
Drinks: we cannot supply cups so please bring your own drink receptacle (ideally with a straw and lid for under mask drinking) we will have a water machine to fill your cups. Also eating inside the salon is not allowed. We do have an outdoor patio available for clients to eat on but it can be quite chilly so bring a jacket for longer color appointments.
Blowdrying is still in debate in the regulations so it will be kept to a bare minimum. if you do not wish to have a blow dry please let us know, A lot of haircuts are done dry , and we have a lovely hood dryer for curls and short hair.
 Thank you so much for your cooperation
 We can't wait to see you again! 
Retreat 146 Fillmore St San Francisco
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